No new fruit juice ideas

Alan Heath
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A short while ago Agros Fortuna, producer of multi vitamin fruit juice Karotka, accused competing producer Maspex of copying its product and unfair competition. The Wadowice based firm has brought its own product onto the market called Karotella, a name Agros considers to be very similar to Karotka. A subsidiary of the quoted holding has filed a case in court against Maspex and its distributors.

On 12 March court in Kraków, at the request of Maspex, instructed Agros to stop releasing information that selling Karotella in any way harms the interests of Agros Fortuna and that Karotella is poorer quality than other products of the company.

Krzysztof Pawiński, MD of Maspex Wadowice says that the problem centres around the work karot which is commonly used to refer to drinks containing carrots (in Polish marchewka). He says that no one company should have a monopoly on this name.

Marek Moczulski, MD of Agros Fortuna, says that the proof of the success of his product is that it is being copied and that Maspex has no other business ideas other than doing thesame as he is.

Krzysztof Pawiński says that he is prepared to change the look of the packaging of the drink in order to placate Agros. He says that he believes he is in the right but an open conflict does no good for the sector in general. The artwork on the packaging will be changed but the name Karotella will stay. Krzysztof Pawiński, MD of Maspex says that it should not be a surprise that products within a given sector look similar. However it is important that shoppers should be able to tell them apart.

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