PLN 1 billion of GDP this year

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Polish economy grows fast but the GDP per capita remains one of the lowest in Europe.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Polish economy grows fast but the GDP per capita remains one of the lowest in Europe.


The GDP in Poland may exceed PLN 1 billion (EUR 263m) this year. With 5 percent GDP growth, it will reach exactly PLN 1.029699 billion. The result is impressive although it is only one tenth of German GDP. Moreover, per capita result is much worse then in the other EU countries. According to the estimates of the European Commission, it will amount to EUR 7,100 in Poland against EUR 24,500 in EU, EUR 70,200 in Luxemburg, EUR 56,900 in Norway and EUR 40,900 in Ireland.


The other new EU members have also better results. In Slovenia, per capita GDP amounts to EUR 14,700, in the Czech Republic EUR 10,700, in Hungary EUR 9,200 and in Slovakia EUR 7,900. Poland is better only from Lithuania and Latvia in this respect.


Leszek Balcerowicz, NBP governor, said in an interview for TVP 1 television that Poland is not able to have 6 percent GDP growth at the present state of reforms. Even if he is wrong and Poland manages to develop at 6 percent growth rate and the rest of Europe develops at 3 percent, the average GDP per capita in Poland will catch up with the EU one in 2050.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.263)

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