Sokolka window and door producer increases its market share

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The company which three years ago was at the verge of bankruptcy, plans to double capacity, increase exports and acquire rivals.

Sokolka Okna i Drzwi, the window and door producer, which was last year acquired by Swedish Invido Sverige, has received from the new owner PLN 15m (EUR 3.9m) for machines.

“We’ll double production to 12-14,000 square meters of wooden and wooden-aluminum windows monthly”, Mariusz Grzybowski, Sokolka production director said.

Invido Sverige owns 48 percent of the Swedish market. It’s hard to tell what’s its share in Poland.

“We are the leaders as far as the production of vertical wooden windows is concerned. According to our estimates, Sokolka has 5 percent market share. We hope to increase it to 6-7 percent in 2010”, Mariusz Grzybowski added.

In 2006, the company had PLN 76m of sales and a net loss. This year, it should get out of the red, however. It is going to develop exports which last year constituted 25 percent of sales. This year, it should be 30 percent and in three years 40-45 percent. The company exports mainly to the UK (70 percent), Hungary, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Scandinavia. Invido Polska has recently bought 35 percent more of IP Glas, the producer of panes.

“Invido, which has a 94 percent of Sokolka, is talking with producers of outdoor and indoor doors as well as products ordered by clients. This year, there will be one more acquisition of a company from the latter sector”, Mariusz Grzybowski said.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.264)

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