TP announces procurement worth several hundreds million zloty

10-08-2007, 12:29

TP, Poland’s biggest telecom, has announced a  procurement to change the client settlement system. This is bad news for an IT company founded by Ryszard Krauze currently providing the services.

TP has invited several IT companies to take part in the procurement to deliver a new system serving billing. The system provides for settlement with clients. So far, it has been done by Spin (today, after the merger, ABG Spin).

“TP has been our big and important client for years. We are seriously considering taking part in the procurement”, Maria Schicht, ABG Spin marketing head said.

“ABG Spin has been invited to the procurement but its chances are minimal. A Western solution will win”, “PB” source close to TP revealed. TP officially does not say much.

“We have announced such a procurement. Several companies have been invited including IBM, Accenture, ABG Spin, Cap Gemini and Atos Origin. The new system will work for all TP clients”, Wojciech Jabczynski from TP communication department said.

There are no details concerning the cost of the project but such a solution is worth several hundreds million zloty. When TP announced the first procurement to implement a complex billing system several years ago, it was estimated at PLN 500m (EUR 132.6m). Finally, the procurement was cancelled. TP chose Spin to do the billing. Then, a procurement was held to implement a settlement system for business clients only. The implementation worth EUR 25m run by EDS, one of world’s biggest companies, was suspended.

Specialists estimate that the first contract may be worth PLN 100-200m. The costs of servicing, running and modernization of the system may be similar.

Spin used to earn several dozens million zloty annually on TP contract. Fortunately, the contract is not that important any longer now that it has merged with ABG and diversified its services.

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