TVP public broadcaster to suit private rivals over Olympic Games

20-08-2008, 15:54

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The management of  TVP, the state-owned TV broadcaster, wants to suit TVN and Polsat private televisions.

According to TVP, the two broadcasters are illegally using cuts from Olympic Games in Beijing.

“The suits will be filed within several days”, Piotr Farfal from TVP said.

TVN and Polsat believe that they may broadcast cuts from Olympic Games provided that the films last no longer than 30 seconds and are broadcast 24 hours after the even plus that they are not broadcast in sports news.

“TVP is the sole owner of the rights. The broadcasters knew very well that they were infringing the law. Hence the court suit. We will demand a compensation”, Piotr Farfal added.

“If what TVP says turns out to be true, and we have made a mistake, we will apologize to TVP. We hope that we can jointly find a solution outside the courtroom”, Karol Smolag, TVN spokesman said.

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