Getin Holding buys Ukrainian Prikarpattya

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opublikowano: 18-12-2006, 10:07

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Polish company plans to develop the Ukrainian network, implement cash credits and installment credits.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The Polish company plans to develop the Ukrainian network, implement cash credits and installment credits.

Getin Holding, the financial group controlled by Leszek Czarnecki, has signed agreement to buy Prikarpattya.

“Prikarpattya is a Ukrainian bank, being among 100 biggest banks in the country. The transaction will be concluded when Ukrainian central bank and competition authorities approve of it”, Piotr Stepniak, Getin Holding CEO said.

The holding bought 81 percent of the bank and is going to buy more.

“We have been looking for a small bank, focused on individual clients and micro-companies. We did not want to buy firms whose clients are corporations because we don’t know this segment of the market”, Piotr Stepniak said.

Prikarpattya has 30 outlets.

“We will first implement scoring card in Ukrainie allowing to check the credit potential of the clients. We will analyze the possibility to develop the network in the years 2007-08. We will also implement new products. In the future, the company will need a capital injection. We will spend the funds raised in the last issue of Getin Holding”, Piotr Stepniak revealed.

The Ukrainian bank will first offer cash credits and then maybe installment credits as well.

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