Interview with deputy Minister of the Treasure responsible for PZU

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - PB

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - PB

“PB”: Today, the GSM of PZU will be held. You want to withdraw the vote of approval for the members of the former board of directors because they conveyed data to Eureko. In July, however, the Treasure gave the vote of approval.

Pawel Szalamacha: In the beginning of July, we did not have enough knowledge. Hence the vote of approval. We have had hints, however, which prove that the former board let the minority shareholder have too big power in the company.

“PB”: Eureko views it as a hostile attack. And says that PZU CEO is influenced by the state.

PS: All the people who have read the report of the Parliamentary commission dealing with PZU privatization, know how Eureko bought PZU stake and then felt itself at home. With time, it got used to being treated with preferences. Today, it views it as a hostile attack when its influences are limited to the legal frames. It’s natural.

“PB”: Will the limiting be continued?

We believe that what the privatization agreement consists is enough excluding the additional informal privileges of Eureko. The present situation is satisfactory to us. If Eureko went so far to dismiss its own members of PZU board, so let it be. The remaining three members of the board will have more job.

“PB” Just before the GSM of PZU, several new shareholders registered, including Achmea Holding or Interpolis. These companies connected with Eureko bough five shares of PZU each.

PS: This is a clear sign that the companies want to protest and file a suit against the decisions of today’s GSM. That’s the practice and their right. Before, as a lawyer, I took part in several clashes among shareholders. But they have never gone that far.

“PB”: Achmea, Eureko shareholder, filed a suit on Thursday in a court in Utrecht against the Treasure. It demands EUR 725m of compensation for delaying to sell Eureko 21 percent of PZU.

PS: This is just a suit without arguments, similar to the arbitrary proceeding started by Eureko.

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