Key days for Bydgoszcz airport

opublikowano: 19-02-2008, 17:14

The airport faces decision over its investor which may influence its future.


Bydgoszcz was supposed to become Poland’s first airport with foreign investors. It has been nearly certain that Austrian listed company Meinl Airports International would invest in Bydgoszcz. Negotiations were going on for months and when conditions were agreed on, the issue stuck at local authorities. Meanwhile, Meinl has recently invested PLN 210m (EUR 58.7m) in Sochaczew airport. This is nearly the same amount, Bydgoszcz needs (PLN 220m). Bydgoszcz may get half of these funds from the EU.

“All negotiations must come to an end. I hope that the investor is not going to withdraw from our project”, Krzysztof Wojtkowiak, Bydgoszcz temporary CEO and chairman said.

Local authorities have provided EUR 23.5m of EU funds to develop the airport.

“In order to get these funds, we need to invest the same. We don’t have such amount”, Krzysztof Wojtkowiak stressed.

He added that without investor, the airport may operate for only 2-3 more years.

“We go on working over the contract. We are meeting the investor on February 21st and 22nd. We will then know if we increase the capital and issue shares”, Edward Hartwich, head of Kujawsko-Pomorskie region said.


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