Sinara will not be offered to buy WRJ pipe producer

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13-10-2006, 14:17

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – TF Silesia withdrew from talks with Russian Sinara to sell the pipe producer. Roman Karkosik may be the winner but not necessarily.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – TF Silesia withdrew from talks with Russian Sinara to sell the pipe producer. Roman Karkosik may be the winner but not necessarily.


WRJ, a pipe plant under construction since 1977 and still not operating, has not been sold to an investor. The Ministry of the Treasure allowed TF Silesia to withdraw from talks with Russian Sinara, part of TMK Global group. TF Silesia decided that the conditions of the agreement with Russians signed a year ago were not fulfilled. The sale of WRJ Serwis, the owner of the land where the pipe plant is being built, did not take place. Enpol, WRJ Serwis shareholder did not agree to sell the company to Sinara.


Sielsia has to find other scenarios. It considers consolidation of the assets of WRJ and WRJ Serwis.

“Roman Karkosik wanted to merge the two companies but maybe it’s worthwhile considering to do it alone and find an investor for a bigger entity”, a person close to the transaction said.

Roman Karkosik does not give up.

“We have submitted a new detailed offer to the Ministry of the Treasure”, Karina Wsciubiak, the CEO of Alchemia, which conducts investment projects in the steel sector in the group owned by Roman Karkosik, said.

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