Insurers know how to split PLN 50bn provided for the health system

opublikowano: 08-02-2008, 16:43

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The insurance chamber believes that it knows better how to split funds raised for healthcare.

Insurance premium keeps growing. More and more money go to the National Health Fund (NFZ). Nevertheless, hospitals lack money, doctors and nurses protest because they are paid too badly. The insurance chamber (PIU) representatives believe they have a remedy: private health funds. Every man would be able to choose whether to stay in the NFZ or change for a private health fund and pay an additional premium.
This year’s budget of the NFZ amounts to PLN 48.9bn (EUR 13.5bn). PIU proposes that private funds get 80 percent of the amount paid by every Pole who chooses the private system while 20 percent would be left in the public system. They believe, they would do anyway.
“We will manage the funds more effectively”, Pawel Kalbarczyk, one of the authors of PIU’s project from ING Nationale Nederlanden said.
Zbigniew Religa, former minister of health, has recently said that the health insurance premium should be raised by several percent, up from 9 percent today. PIU believes it’s not necessary.
If 15 percent of people insured choose private health funds (this is what a poll showed), or 5.8m people, the premium will amount to PLN 50 and raise PLN 3.5bn of additional funds. In countries in which private health funds were implemented, savings of 10-20 percent in spending for health were generated.
(PLN 1 = EUR 0.276)

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