PGNiG gas monopoly implements Brussels decision

opublikowano: 03-11-2008, 16:52

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The gas monopoly will separate its storehouses, which should help its rivals.

At the beginning of November, the supervisory board of PGNiG gas monopoly will decide to found the operator of gas storage systems. The new company will be PGNiG’s department. The monopoly needed to do this to avoid fines from the European Commission which wants to allow competition where the gas market is held by a monopoly. This is the case in Poland where PGNiG has 95 percent of the market and is the only owner of storehouses. Its rivals have no access to them.

“The operator will be our unit with separate accounting. We are currently wondering how it should be founded to avoid additional costs”, Slawomir Hinc, PGNiG deputy CEO said.

Rivals are surprised and cautious.

“I’d like to know if the European Commission approves of the idea of the unit within PGNiG. As a subsidiary, the unit would implement PGNiG’s strategy first of all. Good news is that it is going to have separate accounting which will increase transparency and maybe become an incentive to look for more clients, not only PGNiG. This is an important step taking us closer to market liberalization”, Marcin Buczkowski, CP Energia CEO said.

“The operator should have transparent procedures concerning cooperation with other enterprises and take business approach against all clients”, Bernard Rudkowski, G.EN. Gaz Energia CEO suggested.

Media Odra Warta has no strong trade tights, the way CP Energia or G.EN. Gaz Energia have.

“The access to PGNiG’s storehouses will be possible when their capacity grows to 3.7bn cubic meters, i.e. in 2015. The fact that the operator is founded is no guarantee for third parties to get access to storehouses. It doesn’t matter whether the operator is PGNiG’s subsidiary or not”, Dariusz Brzozowski, Media Odra Warta CEO believed.

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