Funds do not worry about Leszek Czarnecki’s companies

opublikowano: 02-07-2008, 12:44

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Fund managers believe that the condition of the companies is more important than the past of  their founder.

Yesterday, the news was published that famous investor Leszek Czarnecki had been an agent of communist security services. The companies from his group dived. However, fund managers accepted the news calmly.

“Such thins do not have meaning for fund mangers. We are employed for one certain reason – to multiply the funds we get. That’s why we evaluate companies as far as investment risk is concerned and not the past of the people managing them. Especially that in case of Mr. Czarnecki it has nothing to do with his business. Of course, it a crime was committed which may be punished with a jail, there would be worries about the future of the company. But it is not the case”, Piotr Sieradzan, OFE Pocztylion manager said.

“This is a personal case and is of minor importance. What’s important, are business operations. Mr. Czarnecki would always be fair and proved he could achieve much. In short term, the reaction of investors may be nervous but in long term, it’s not important”, another fund manager added.

In addition, clients do not connect Leszek Czarnecki with Getin, Noble Bank, Europa or LC Corp.


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