Neonet also wants to buy RTV Mars AGD

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Next to Mix Electronics, another Polish chain - Neonet is interested in acquiring RTV Mars AGD, the troubled retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Next to Mix Electronics, another Polish chain - Neonet is interested in acquiring RTV Mars AGD, the troubled retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics

As “PB” has recently said, Mix Electronics, a company from Krakow developing RTV Mix AGD network, submitted an offer to buy Mars and started cooperation with the troubled company. According to unofficial sources, Neonet, a company from Wroclaw which once planned an IPO, is also interested in the rival. However, Neonet has a different strategy from Mix.

“Neonet has been buying the debts of Mars jointly with a company from the financial sector”, a person connected with the industry said.

“I neither confirm nor deny”, Marek Majewski, Neonet CEO said.

Recently, the court has stopped the sale of Mars stock put up for sale by the debt collector. Mix Electronics was supposed to buy them.

“The court withheld the transaction because Mars’s owner did not like the price of the stock”, Henryk Sala, Mix Electronics CEO said.

Mars is said to have PLN 130m (EUR 33.7m) of debts. “PB” has not managed to get in touch with Zdzislaw Kalamaga, Mars owner.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.259)

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