PiS says that PZU CEO will be dismissed

opublikowano: 31-08-2007, 09:55

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Although the reasons of  stopping PZU CEO have nothing to do with his job at the insurance company, he  will have to say good-bye to his post.

Jaromir Netzel, PZU CEO, was stopped by the interior security agency ABW because of the leakage of CBA action in the ministry of agriculture. Experts and politicians agree that this is bad news to the insurance company.

“The situation adversely affects the company”, Tomasz Markowski, Law and Justice (PiS) MP commented.

“The absence of the CEO does not influence PZU operations. It often happens that members of the board are not present in the office when they are in business trips or on vacation. You cannot say that the company is paralyzed. We do hope that the CEO will come back soon and work as usually”, Tomasz Brzezinski, PZU spokesman said.

Some people believe however that the CEO should be dismissed.

“We do not know the character and aim of stopping Mr. Netzel but if he is suspected to have misbehaved, he should be dismissed. The CEO of such company must be crystal clean. I assume that the minister of the treasure will act quickly”, Tomasz Markowski said.

Dutch Eureko, the second main shareholder of PZU, next to the ministry of the treasure, has no doubts the case must be solved immediately.

“We are waiting for the reaction of the minister of the treasure. We hope that he will take steps to enable PZU for normal operations. We hope that all the necessary steps will be taken so that the unusual situation does not adversely affects PZU operations”, Michal Nastula, Eureko Polska CEO said.

The minister of the treasure keeps waiting.

“Decisions will be made when the status of Mr. Netzel in the proceeding is explained, which should take place today or tomorrow”, the ministry said.


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