Cargo and PTK to cooperate

opublikowano: 26-10-2007, 20:44

What do railway companies PKP Cargo and PTK holding have in common? Both are holding conferences on Monday in the same place and at  the same time.

For the last week, the market has been trying to guess the plans of PTK holding from Zabrze. The railway company sent out invitations for a press conference to be held next Monday. It is going to announce “key news for the future of the Polish railway market”. “PB” has learnt unofficially that on the same day and at the same time, PKP Cargo plans a press conference as well. Jacek Wnukowski, PKP Cargo spokesman says that nothing has been set up here. Other sources confirm that both railway companies will have a joint press conference.

Zbigniew Pucek, PTK CEO said several months ago that he was more interested in cooperation with PKP Cargo than in competing with the company. Adrian Furgalski from TOR economic advisors’ team, believes that the companies will tell they are going to cooperate. He does not believe in the rumors that state-owned PKP Cargo had bought PTK. In his opinion, such a transaction would not make sense. Mieczyslaw Olender, CEO of PCC Rail controlling 57 percent of Trawipol which in turn owns a majority stake at PTK said the conference would reveal no big secrets.

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