Chemical consolidation beginning

Alan Heath
opublikowano: 21-06-2002, 00:00

In a move which could signal the beginning of a consolidation of the chemical industry in this country, the Kędzierzyn plant and Nitro-Chem have agreed to jointly start operating at facility for TDA manufacture which is one of the components needed to manufacture polyurethane foam which is used in the motor and furniture industries amongst others.

Consolidation is seen as a necessary move for the chemical industry to avoid bankruptcies. A decision is expected from Nafta Polska at the end of the year but Kędzierzyn, Bydgoszcz based Zachem and Nitro-Chem decided that they could not wait.

The facility will be set up at the Kędzierzyn plant in south western Poland. The cost of the investment is estimated to be around PLN32m and it will be able to make 35,000 tons of TDA annually. TDA is not currently produced in Poland but imported from the USA and Europe. Each year this country imports around USD40m of TDA. The facility will come on line within two years.

Jerzy Majchrzak, MD of Kędzierzyn decided to go against the proposals of Nafta Polska and initiate production saying that conditions for the facility were good at his plant.

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