New problems in Polish shipyards

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Employees of Stocznia Gdynia shipyard received only part of their wages while the staff of Gdansk shipyard want to protest in Brussels.

Yesterday, the employees of Stocznia Gdynia shipyard received only 20 percent of due wages. The company did not have funds because Rami Ungar, the ship owner financing their wages, failed to send the funds.

“Rami Ungar conveys funds to the shipyard. After he had learnt that Henryk Ogryczak should become member of the shipyard’s board, he did not send the funds. He is afraid that the new manager may be connected with Pawel Brzezicki, the head of the Agency for Industrial Development ARP. The latter used to tell Rami Ungar numerous times that he is not welcome here”, Dariusz Adamski, the head of Gdynia shipyard Solidarnosc trade union and the member of the supervisory board explained.

“Representatives of the Ministry of the Treasure asked to appoint Mr. Ogryczak, and that’s it”, Pawel Brzezicki replied.

According to “PB” sources, Henryk Ogryczak is supposed to control the way the shipyard spends PLN 515m (EUR 136.5m) it is going to receive from the state to pay back its debts. Henryk Ogryczak was unavailable yesterday. The Ministry of the Treasure failed to answer “PB” questions concerning the changes at the shipyard.

Meanwhile, there are unrests in Gdansk shipyard. The European Commission wants the company to close some equipment. On August 31st, trade unions want to protest in Brussels against capacity reduction.

“We want to get permission for legal protest”, Roman Galezewski, the head of Solidarnosc at Stocznia Gdansk shipyard said.

On Friday, the GSM will decide to raise the company’s capital by PLN 300-400m. The future investor is supposed to do this. Ukrainian Donbas is interested in Gdansk shipyard.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.265)


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