The last clashes over A2 highway

opublikowano: 14-11-2008, 12:08

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The ministry of  infrastructure must make decision whether it will earn money on the Warsaw-Lodz highway or whether it will lose it.

Negotiations concerning the A2 section from Strykow near Lodz to Konotopa near Warsaw are about to end. The ministry of infrastructure, however, must decide whether to pay additional money when the road is used or whether to earn in fees paid by drivers. So far, the ministry has assumed that drivers will pay PLN 0.20-0.23 (EUR 0.05) per kilometer.

“Money paid by drivers should go to the road fund. We are negotiating now how much the company which will build and then operate the highway would get for every car using the road. If the minister decides that the fee amounts to PLN 0.20 per kilometer, and we would get PLN 0.15 per car, the road budget will still have PLN 0.05 left”, Marek Michalowski, Budimex CEO estimated.

Budimex, Cintra and Ferrovial have founded Autostrada Poludnie which takes part in the tender to build the A2 section.

Its rival – Autostrada Mazowsze founded by Stalexport group – gives no data. According to unofficial sources, if it wins, the state will have to pay PLN 0.02-0.05 per every car using the highway. The reason is that Autostrada Poludnie’s offer is cheaper. Why not choose the cheaper offer then? Because Autostrada Poludnie needs pretty much time to provide financing and will conclude construction works in 2013. Autostrada Mazowsze promises an earlier deadline.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.267)

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