Assets of Stoklosa businessman stay within his family

opublikowano: 23-11-2007, 10:19

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Goods of former senate member held by German police won’t be sold. The sons of Henryk Stoklosa are slowly taking over his companies.


Henryk Stoklosa, ex-senator and one of the richest Poles suspected of numerous crimes, including corruption and tax frauds, is waiting in German arrest to be conveyed to Polish authorities. In recent months, there have been thousands of gossips concerning his assets –consisting of as many as 18 companies – which were supposed to be sold out. According to the court register, there have been ownership changes in many companies controlled by Henryk Stoklosa. Mainly, members of his family were given the assets. For example, he used to have 40 shares worth PLN 5.3m (EUR 1.4m) at Kozieglowy poultry plant. Since March 28th, he has had only 16 shares while the remaining stakes belong to his sons.

“For many years, we would prepare our sons to work in the family business. Today, they successfully run responsible functions at many companies from our group. No one should be surprised that we give them the assets step by step”, Anna Stoklosa, the businessman’s wife explained.

She stressed that the family is not going to sell any firm to rivals.


In addition, consolidation is being conducted among Henryk Stoklosa’s group.

“Production and sales companies are gathered in Farmutil group while farming companies are gathered in AgriFarm company. The most meat plants will operate in Farmutil holding. Me and my husband will be the main shareholders of Farmutil HS”, Anna Stoklosa added.

Also Lmeat, one of the best known companies from Henryk Stoklosa’s group, has changed.

“No shareholder changes have been implemented. However, the consolidation with Farmutil group has been conducted. Now we have numerous synergy effects”, Ryszard Smolarek, Lmeat Lukow CEO said.

He added that the company will increase sales by 15 percent to PLN 450m this year and expects PLN 9m of net income. Anna Stoklosa refused to give the results of the whole group employing 7,000 people.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.271)

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