Home appliances market keeps growing

opublikowano: 17-10-2008, 13:29

The situation in Poland is not bad, Amica and Zelmer say. But in order to keep their market shares, they start to compete more fiercely.

Up to recently, Poland’s listed producers of home appliances did not compete too much. Amika focused on big products while Zelmer – on white goods. However, as the market gets tougher, they compete more and more.

“Competition gets stronger in Poland and abroad, including Russia or Germany. Poland, fortunately, is not one of them”, Jacek Rutkowski, Amika CEO said.

“It’s not that bad in Poland. The market grows 10 percent year-on-year. But it won’t last forever”, Janusz Plocica, Zelmer CEO added.

In order to better use their potential, both companies increase their offers. That’s why they start to compete with each other.

“This is our first year when we produce white goods. Our main aim is to build a basic portfolio, make our clients aware of our new products and reach as many distribution channels as possible” Jacek Rutkowski explained.

Zelmer on the other hand has just launched production of cooker hoods, a segment so far dominated by Amika. Before, it had launched production of microwave ovens.

“The market is big and it’s hard to say that competition is fierce between us”, Janusz Plocica said.

Both companies develop their basic production. Amica outsources production of big home appliances for the Russian market and considers to develop its Polish plant. Zelmer has launched operations on the market of pots and water filters.

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