KGHM management fails to appear to negotiate with trade unions

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The managers of the listed copper producer did not come to the meeting with trade unions. Strike is very possible.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – The managers of the listed copper producer did not come to the meeting with trade unions. Strike is very possible.

The Trade Union of the Copper Industry Employees (ZZPPM), comprising of 6,000 members, has been in a collective dispute with the management since Tuesday. The union demands extra bonus for record first quarter income (PLN 871.9m, or EUR 220.6m). The cost of this postulate amounts to PLN 90m. Besides, the unionists would like subsidiaries to get cash injections and PLN 100m of last year’s income to be spent for the social fund. Yesterday, the two parties were supposed to meet to try to solve the conflict. The management of the company declined to come to the meeting and invited trade unions to come on June 21.

“We’re disappointed with the management because we broke negotiations several weeks ago when we were told we could talk again at the beginning of June”, Leszek Hajdacki, ZZPPM deputy head said.

The biggest trade union in KGHM still hopes to reach agreement. The management was invited on June 12. If it refuses, the trade union may conduct a strike referendum.

“This is a drastic measure but the management broke earlier agreements. We must now say that the collective dispute has been running from April 20, the day when we submitted our postulates. That’s why after June 12 it will be difficult for the management to talk us into negotiations”, Leszek Hajdacki warned.

The management is surprised with the attitude of the unions. It explained in a communiqué that if it paid out bonuses for the income, the agreement concluded in February would be violated. As far as the social funds are concerned, it is the GSM who can make such decisions. The postulate to pay additional money for working on Sundays and holidays on the other hand has already been met. The management suggests to meet on June 21, after the GSM.

“We have received the invitation for June 12 but the management has not taken any position as far as the specific date is concerned”, Mieczyslaw Piotrowski, KGHM spokesman said.

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