Shipyards investigated by prosecutors and special services

opublikowano: 03-01-2008, 10:41

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – Special services and the prosecutor’s office investigate contracts signed by shipyards from Gdansk and Szczecin. They also check the restructuring process of the Gdynia shipyard.

The prosecutor’s office and special services will try to find answer to the question why Polish shipyard industry is in such a bad state. Contracts of Stocznia Szczecinska Nowa (SSN) are being investigated. According to a report of the ministry of the treasury, the shipyard has 30 contracts, including 28 generating losses of up to USD 15m per ship. The suit was filed by the present CEO, Artur Trzeciakowski. His predecessor, Andrzej Stachura, does not feel guilty.

“We negotiated market prices. We started with PLN 20m (EUR 5.6m), no assets and we had to pay high lease fees. Steel prices grew, dollar fell”, Andrzej Stachura who managed the company when the contracts were being signed, said.

Contracts signed by Andrzej Buczkowski who several years ago was Stocznia Gdynia deputy CEO, and recently – Stocznia Gdansk member of the board – also raise controversies.

“We are checking contracts he signed in Stocznia Gdansk with Vellguth company”, Katarzyna Bernecka, the spokeswoman of the Agency of Internal Security (ABW) in Gdansk said.

“I had approval of the management and supervisory board. I managed to negotiate a very good price. This is not a case against me. I’m a witness here”, Andrzej Buczkowski stressed.

The Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) and the prosecutor’s office in Gdynia, are investigating restructuring of Stocznia Gdynia. The Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) said in its report that the management exceeded the acceptable wage level and the Agency of Industrial Development did not control the shipyard properly.

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