Air transport has great potential due to low base

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – According to IATA, Poland has the biggest potential of passenger flights development in the world. It beats even China. The number of passengers will grow 11.2 percent annually, IATA forecasts. However, the reasons of these forecasts are by no means positive.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) – According to IATA, Poland has the biggest potential of passenger flights development in the world. It beats even China. The number of passengers will grow 11.2 percent annually, IATA forecasts. However, the reasons of these forecasts are by no means positive.

As far as the intensity of airline usage is concerned, Poland if far behind old EU countries, so we are able to catch up with our neighbours only thanks to Fast growth, Włodzimierz Rydzkowski from Transport Department in the Gdansk University commented.

The mobility index in the aviation industry, measured by the number of passengers in relation to the number of inhabitants amounts to 3 percent in Poland.

This is twice lower than in Hungary (8 percent) and four times lower than in the Czech Republic (12 percent). In France, the index amounts to 35 percent, and in Spain – 55 percent, Adam Borkowski, the Civil Aviation Authorities spokesman said.


The forecasts seem to be very probable.

In 2005, Poland will have probably had a record number of tourists amounting to 15m. Regional airports are growing, low-cost airlines are becoming stronger, more and more Poles will fly abroad for work. The growth rate forecast by IATA is possible, Wlodzimierz Rydzkowski estimated.

Investments are necessary, however.

We hope that the infrastructure of airports will develop as fast as the market, Eryk Klopotowski from SkyEurope said.In the first nine months of this year, the Polish airports had nearly 32 percent more passengers than in the same period of last year. In Europe, the average growth of passenger flights amounted to 6.3 percent on average.

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