Meat plant to be closed after EU inspection

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opublikowano: 28-10-2005, 15:00

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - EU vet inspectors who visited 12 meat and dairy plants found 12 problematic issues in just one of them. It was in Janpol meat plant from Chmielnik, central Poland which employs 50 people and produces 7-10 tonnes of meat daily.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - EU vet inspectors who visited 12 meat and dairy plants found 12 problematic issues in just one of them. It was in Janpol meat plant from Chmielnik, central Poland which employs 50 people and produces 7-10 tonnes of meat daily. Unofficial sources say that EU inspectors were so upset that they demanded explanations from Poland's Veterinary Inspectorate at once.

Among the mistakes which I am to fix till November 31st, there is a broken verge of cutting board or the lack of box. Not to mention that EU inspector entered a room with a note on the door that it is not part of production line, and ran out of there in terror. Someone should have transalted that for him, Jan Slomka, who owns the company with his wife, said.

He added that he will take legal steps if vet authorities want to close his plant. Meanwhile, before the control, Cezary Bogusz, deputy veterinary inspecto, had said that among plants to be controlled, three had legal problems, including Constar. He had said then, that in two others, problems had been fixed already. Did he have Janpol on his mind?

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