Stocznia Gdynia shipyard wants to sell Stocznia Gdanska

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opublikowano: 21-11-2005, 14:29

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu)  The management of Stocznia Gdynia shipyard has only recently submitted in the Ministry of Treasure, a proposal to sell Stocznia Gdynia.

Warsaw (Puls Biznesu)  The management of Stocznia Gdynia shipyard has only recently submitted in the Ministry of Treasure, a proposal to sell Stocznia Gdynia.

We received the letter on November 16th , it is too early to answer it, Magda Nienaltowska from the press office said.

The opinion should be ready within several days.

We met the Minister of Economy. We decided to meet in about 10 days.

Meanwhile, the ministries of Economy and Treasure will prepare list of measures necessary to divide the two shipyards, Dariusz Adamski, the head of Solidarnosc trade union in Stocznia Gdynia, and the member of its board, said.

Stocznia Gdynia evaluates its partner from Gdansk at PLN 80m (EUR 20.1m).

This is exactly the value of the privileged state stake in Stocznia Gdynia. Trade unions want the Ministry of Treasure to withdraw from Stocznia Gdynia, and instead acquire Stocznia Gdanska. The Gdynia shipyard has two investors waiting for the withdrawal of the government.

Ray Car Carriers and Mediterranean Shipping Co. have once offered to inject PLN 150m in the company but the previous government was at then planning consolidation of the shipyard industry, which discouraged the investors.

We have been told that the investment offer will be made anew, Dariusz Adamski said.

Gdynia and Gdansk shipyards decided in 1990ies to merge. Today, they want to split. After three years of state restructuring, the bankruptcy is getting closer and closer. Stocznia Gdynia is ready to give up Stocznia Gdansk because the European Commission questions the fact of privileged state shares as public subsidy. Stocznia Gdansk, on the other hand, could be acquired by Aker of Norway.

(PLN 1 = EUR 0.251)

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