The Civic Platform (PO) against merges and take-overs

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Warsaw (Puls Biznesu) - The opposition announces the post-election sale of Polska Miedz. PAK won't go to KGHM, neither PZU will merge with PKO BP, nor Lotos with PKN, if PO will be in charge after the election. There will be privatization instead.

PO is boasting of their new strategy for economy, though they don't give details of plans connected with the biggest state-run companies.
"Detailed policies and decisions will be in the hands of the government", says Adam Szejnfeld, an MP and the Minister of Economy in the PO Shadow Cabinet.
The Platform wants to carry out the privatization quickly but in a rational way.
"It will be aimed at improving the condidion of the state-owned companies which, according to economic data, fall far lower in ratings than the private ones, especially in terms of effectiveness. Therefore the former need to be healed. At the moment the one who acts against this process is Wojciech Jasinski, the MInister of Treasury", says the MP.
As opposed to the present government, PO would like to privatize practically all sectors, for instance the copper giant KGHM as well as mines. They are also against the merges of PZU with PKO BP and Orlen with Lotos.
"Orlen and Lotos should combine their efforts when it comes to foreign investments but on the domestic market - to be competitors. The fuel sector is of particular importance, as there are not only economic issues but also foreign affairs that matter here", says Adam Szejnfeld.

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